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Organic Spelt Pizza Base
Organic spelt flour, organic sourdough, organic tomato sauce, organic oregano, organic basil, organic E.V.O oil.



100% Organic Spelt Flour
Spelt is a superfood ancient grain that contains many health benefits. We use its power for all our pizza & pasta to boost your immune system, energise your body & facilitate comfortable digestion. 

72-hour slow-fermented sourdough dough 
We let our sourdough dough grow! Our slow fermentation process makes our dough lighter and tastier. It also works wonders for your digestion. Forget about those rock-hard crusts that everyone leaves in the plate. Even the kids love it! Yum! 

100% Natural
All our products are vacuum sealed to avoid using nasty preservatives, retain flavours and to keep them as fresh as when they’re first created. All our pizza & pasta are prepared fresh, home-made by our passionate chefs in our central kitchen right here in Melbourne. 

100% High-quality 
At Farro Organico we believe in the power of fresh & organic products. We know that using the best quality products is important when that is what goes into your tum!  We consciously select all ingredients that we are producing, always choosing  organic wherever  possible.

Farro Organico - Organic Spelt pizza Base

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