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Thick and Creamy Vanilla Dairy Free Custard, Packed with Prebiotic Fibre.

Tuck into a tub of COYO’s thick & creamy Vanilla Dairy Free Custard which combines the goodness of organic coconut with the sweetness of vanilla! Perfect as a better-for-you snack, every spoonful contains chicory root as a source of prebiotic fibre to help the good bacteria thrive.

Made with Certified Organic Coconut.

Each tub of COYO Vanilla Dairy Free Custard uses the goodness of organic coconuts so you can taste the COYO difference in every creamy scoop! Ethically farmed using permaculture principles, the farming practices of our coconuts put people, the planet, and nutrition first.


Ingredients - water, organic coconut cream, sugar, modified tapioca starch, vanilla extract (1.5%), chicory root fibre, turmeric concentrate

Coyo Organic -Dairy Free Vanilla Custard

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